Review: Mario Badescu Face System

Hey guys, so I was sent a daily skincare regimen from Mario Badescu and these are my findings after using these products for only one week. I will do another review after using these for a month.


These are the products I was sent and listed in the order you would apply them.

Okay, so when I first started this treatment I can say I was skeptical. But I can also say that this stuff really works. I have extremely sensitive skin so I don’t use many face products but these didn’t make me break out or make my skin raw. This product you rub all over damp skin and then wash it off with warm water.

This product is wrongly named but is overall a wonderful toner. After i finish using the Enzyme Cleansing Gel I use a cotton ball and rub the “lotion” all over my face avoiding my eyes. You don’t wash this off like many toners and it just makes my skin SO soft!

I actually can’t tell the difference using this eye gel vs. not using anything. I’m sure it’s doing something but i just can’t tell. I don’t suggest using this in the morning because it mixed with my makeup and made it less effective. I will say that it is a very soothing and cold when applied.

This is another product I would not purchase because I honestly can not tell the difference so far. It is a lotion that you apply after you use everything else and before you apply makeup. You only use this product in the morning because it is SPF 15 and I do appreciate that it doesn’t have a sunscreen smell like other moisturizers with SPF.

This mask is one that I haven’t used yet because you are only supposed to use either this or the Strawberry Face Scrub(Bellow) once a week and I decided to use the face scrub this week. I will post my findings.

Update: I ried this mask a couple of times and was very pleased with the results.

I have only used this product once but I absolutely loved it when I did. As I mentioned I have super sensitive skin so any scrubs are always too rough and make my skin raw. This one did not do that, I am assuming because it uses actual strawberry’s and it’s exfoliant is the strawberry seeds.

So far I would purchase the Enzyme Cleansing Gel, the Aloe Lotion, and the Strawberry Scrub. My thoughts might change so make sure to check back for my last review when I finish up my samples! If you have used or are considering purchasing any Mario Badescu products let me know in the comments what you think!


*I was sent all of this but all of my thoughts are my own*

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