Sun Kissed VoxBox + Review

I am so excited to announce that Influenster has chosen me to receive one of the Summer or “Sun Kissed” VoxBoxes! I was beyond ecstatic opening the box and I just couldn’t wait to tell all of y’all about my goodies! Without further ado, let us begin the unboxing!

What I Received

-Goody’s Ouchless Ribbon Elastics ($3.99)

-Sinful Shine nail polish in the shade, Sailor’s Delight ($2.99 exclusively at Walgreens)

-Dr Scholl’s High Heel Inserts ($15.99)

-Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream in the shade, Fair to Light ($8.99)

Total Product Value ($32.96)

I have used the Olay BB Cream previously and have enjoyed it, so i was stoked to have it in the box! The other products included are all items i have not owned before, so i was very excited to see how they faired. These are my findings.

Goody’s Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

I was super excited to try this product out mostly because i have seen so many of these ties used as a hair accessory in itself, especially in the south. It was surprising that I had never seen these particular ones in stores considering that I scour the makeup and beauty section of Target on almost a weekly basis. If you can find them, you can pick up these ties at a local box store for $3.99. The whole concept is to keep your hair out of your face without using regular rubber band air ties that can leave a crease in straight hair. Since I have crazy curly hair this isn’t usually an issue, but i’m still excited to try them out!



Sinful Shine Nail Polish in the color, Sailor’s Delight

I adore the whole Sinful Colors range. The colors are beautiful, if you don’t use a topcoat all of them dry to a matte finish, and the best part, they’re two bucks at any drugstore. While I have not specifically used this formula I am beyond excited to try it. You can find these “Gel” nail polishes exclusively at your local Walgreens.



Dr. Scholl’s High Heel Insoles

Funny enough, I was planning on picking these up but never seemed to remember to get them. Needless to say I was excited when I opened the box and these beauties were staring back at me. I put them in a pair of my highest heels to see if they really worked. The result is a pair of summer shoes that I will finally get to wear. The insoles will run you about 16 bucks at any box store and are so ridiculously comfortable.




Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

This is the only product in the box that I have previously purchased. I have mixed emotions about this BB Cream, but most are just things that personally just irk me. For instance, anything with SPF tends to smell like sunscreen, and living in Florida, I tend to get really sick of sunscreen smell. This has a twinge of that smell because it is SPF 15, but I will hand it to whoever created this because they did make an effort to sent the product, but I personally cannot get over it. Also, this product is not super hydrating so people like me with dry skin make sure to put a moisturizer on under it. This product will run you about nine bucks at any place that sells makeup.



Overall I really like all of the products that were sent to me, I’m just excited to finish testing them out. If you have tried any of the items mentioned let me know in the comments! Happy Beautifying!

2 thoughts on “Sun Kissed VoxBox + Review

  1. I just received my voxbox too! I love the BB cream and the high heel insoles. Sailors delight is a super cute shade 🙂

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