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Because I am apparently addicted to online shopping, I receive any email announcements from my favorite stores when they are having a sale. I took advantage of this when I got an email saying that e.l.f. or eyes.lips.face. was having a deal where you could purchase a professional brush set worth $30 for only $3. The only catch was that you had to have at least $30 worth of merchandise in your cart before you could apply the deal. Consequently I ended up deciding that it was worth it to spend the money and it gave me the opportunity to try out some products I’ve been hearing all about, so without further ado, lets get started!


Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick ($2)

This product really surprised me, in a good way! These inexpensive little buggers are so great to just throw in your bag and not have to worry about it getting the product messed up or having to nitpick with a statement lipstick. The colors I got were, Flirty & Girly, Movie Star, Pink Umbrellas, and Sangria Starters. The only color I’m not super crazy about would have to be Flirty & Girly, only because it has super chunky glitter that feels uncomfortable on the lips. Overall I would suggest these Gloss Sticks to anyone who wants to be able to maintain their lip color without worrying about looking for a mirror.





Lip Exfoliator ($3) 

I have used this product one time and I really don’t think it did much. I might need to try it a few more times, but for someone with dry lips, I would recommend either shelling out a little more money for a quality scrub or making one at home  with Brown Sugar and a little bit of olive oil. I would most likely not repurchase.



Essential Lipstick in the color Gypsy ($1)

This is a beautiful color and looks really pretty on my lips. It is very drying, but it is typical for a dollar lipstick. I would repurchase this product.



Conditioning Lip Balm ($3)

I havent tested this product enough to make a complete decision, but for only using it one time I do have to say I enjoy it. Oddly enough it doesn’t seem to condition my lips. It does provide a beautiful color payoff. I purchased the color Blissful Berry which is one of the darkest shades available. I can’t say for sure if I would repurchase.



Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick ($2)

I am very excited about this product as I love the Jumbo Eye Pencils by NYX. The formula is very creamy and slides on very easily. The color selection is not great, but I do like all the colors I chose. I purchased the colors, Midnight Rendezvous, Forest Nymph, Turkish Coffee, and Rock Out. Since I haven’t thoroughly tested them I don’t know if I would repurchase them yet, but it is a good possibility.



*shown also is French Lace, but since it is unopened, I didn’t feel the need to break the seal for the purpose of a swatch.* 




Essential Eyelid Primer ($1)

This primer is slightly greasy, but it does seem to do it’s job. I also own Urban decay primer potion and Two Faced Shadow Insurance in regular and candlelight, so i doubt I will repurchase this.



Color Correcting Concealer ($3)

I have not tried either color I purchased but the packaging sure is pretty!





Eyebrow Lifter & Filler ($3)

Again, I have not tried this product yet so I cannot make a suggestion either way.



Studio False Eyelash Kit ($4)

I purchased the Natural, and Dramatic lash kits. Lately I have been trying to use more false eyelashes, and these looked interesting. I have not tried either of these yet.




Thats it! I will be testing out all of these products over the coming weeks and will give let y’all know if any one product is fantastic! If you have tried any of these products, please let me know your opinion in the comments bellow! Happy Beautifying! 

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