Review: Mega Impact Mascara by Wet N’ Wild

Hey guys! Lately I have been semi obsessed with having long lashes. I don’t know what it is, but if someone has long, full lashes, they’re face seems more inviting. With this craving for long lashes and my temporary inability to wear falsies, I seem to be buying mascara like a mad woman! The last time I was at Walmart I picked up a bunch of makeup which happened to include the Mega Impact Mascara by Wet N’ Wild.

First off I was surprised that Wet N’ Wild were sold at Walmart considering I have only ever seen them at CVS and Walgreens. Secondly I had never tried a mascara from this brand so I decided to pick up a couple to try out. I picked out the Mega Impact and the Mega Length mascaras mostly because the packaging said things like, “8x the Volume!” and “50% fuller lashes!” and I was sucked in. I haven’t tried the Mega length yet only because I don’t like having a ton of mascaras open at one time because they tend to go bad pretty quickly and I already have 6 open (oops).  Anyway, after trying the Mega Volume out I am not too impressed. The formula is very dry which I typically don’t mind, but at the same time it is somehow extremely clumping. Usually, I spend about 2-3 minutes on my lashes trying to make them as long as possible by double coating them. With this mascara, I barely got my second coat in before my lashes completely dried together. Honestly it looked like i only had 3 super jumbo lashes which I completely hated. The other bad thing was this mascara took FOREVER to remove. For a mascara that did not say it was waterproof, I had to use my waterproof eye makeup remover and I still felt like I didn’t get it all off. Overall I would not repurchase this product and recommend that you all stay very far away.



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