The Perfect Red Lips

In honor of Independence Day, I wanted to talk about something related. I was planning on a fourth of July look-book, but it is currently pouring down rain and does not look like it will let up anytime soon. So I decided, what better than a post on red lipstick! Since a bright red lip is scary and sometimes hard to pull off, it is often ignored and avoided by beauty lovers new and old. But what you don’t know is that a red lip is a simple way to look beautiful and glamourous. So without further ado, the perfect red lip tutorial. 


First off, we have to moisturize! I have super dry lips so lipstick will not apply evenly if i don’t soften my lips up first! Please take it into account that I have no makeup on besides what is shown! 


Next, scrub a dub dub! I like to use a soft bristle toothbrush on my lips after moisturizing. It helps to get the flakey pieces off. *note: this is too harsh to do on your lips every day.


Next, apply your first coat of lipstick. I’m using Electra by NYX (It’s okay if you miss a spot, we’ll touch up in a minute. 



Next we blot!


Fold your tissue into this shape and lightly blot your lips.


Now apply more lipstick, and make sure you get every area! Flip that tissue over and blot again!


Your done! You can apply a loose powder through an unfolded tissue to give it a more matte effect, but I find it unnecessary if you double blot. 


Finished Product! If yall have any tips and tricks or want to put your two cents in, leave me a comment down below! I hope y’all all have a great Fourth Of July and stay dry! It’s pouring at my house! Happy Beautifying!


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Red Lips

  1. Nice! One way to get a really vivid red is to apply concealer around the shape of your lips and make sure to blend out really well. It makes the color really pop because it’s contrasted against a flawless flesh tone. Happy 4th!

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