Nail Polish Collection

In previous posts I have mentioned nail polishes that I love, and ones that don’t get much of my love. I thought it would be fun to show y’all what colors I actually own and use on a fairly regular basis. I’m not going to be able to go through and swatch all of the colors or even take a picture of every color, because that would take forever. So with that little disclaimer, let’s get started.



Front Row: Sinful Colors (Left to Right)


Queen of Beauty (Silver Sparkles)

Mint Apple (Not a dupe for Mint Candy Apple)

Rise & Shine

Hazard (Peach in Bottle, traffic cone on nails)


24/7 (Barbie Pink)

Boom Boom

Dream On (Dark Matte Pinky Purple)

I Miss You (Pink Sparkles)

Second Row: Nicole by OPI, OPI & Sinful Shine


Wear Something Spar-Kylie (Nicole by OPI)

All Kendal-ed Up (Nicole by OPI)

Chocolate Moose (OPI)

San Tan Tino (OPI)

You don’t know Jacques (OPI)


OPI Ridge Filler

OPI Top Coat

OPI Natural Nail Strengthener 

*Sinful Shine in Sailors Delight


Third Row: Revlon (Regular & Top Speed)


Vixen 570

Vintage 570 (Top Speed)

Mon Cherry 335

Peachy 405 (Top Speed)

Graceful 320

Stormy 820 (Top Speed)

Dreamer 410

Hazy 810 (Top Speed)

Black Star 880 (Top Speed)


Fourth Row: Mish Mash of Lonely polish



Salon Perfect in the color Bellini



Ulta Polish in the Color Fuchsiamania

Essence Polish in the Color Break Through

e.l.f. Polish in the color Teal Blue

(Not Shown: 4 Mini OPI polishes which I don’t know the names of)

Fifth Row: Essie, CK, Rimmel & NYC


Essie’s Fruit Sangria

*Essie’s Bikini-So-Teeny


Tutu (CK by Calvin Klein)

420 Sweet Lavender (Rimmel London: 60 Seconds)


Penn Station (NYC Minute Quick Dry)

Times Square (NYC Minute Quick Dry)

Starry Silver Glitter (NYC Long Wearing)


Sixth Row: Sally Hansen, Wet N’ Wild & some randoms


*Preppy in Pink (Pretty Please)


110 Green With Envy

340 Mint Sorbet

270 Lacey Lilac

465 Coin Flip


Blazed 437F

Poppy 429D

*Sparkled 435G


Sally Hansen Insta Dry Top Coat

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Base Coat

Overview of my Nail Storage



(Anything marked with an * was a promotional gift)


That’s it! I would tell you where to buy my nail polish rack, but I was not sent the one I ordered (hence the upside down bottles). I hope you enjoyed my collection and if you want to see any color swatched or just have a suggestion of a color I might like, leave me a comment below! I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life, and like always, Happy Beautifying!

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