Music Overhaul

Excuse me for a second, are you listening to Umbrella..again? I think you need some new tunes. Fortunately for you, I have some! Old and new alike, my playlist will mellow your mood without bumming you out. And for fear of sounding like a stoner, here we go.



This lady has some insane pipes, and a journal full of heartbreaking songs to match. She has an album out, but I find myself listening to the same EP songs over and over. I adore EP’s. Some of my favorites of hers are linked down below with the youtube link.

Peter – link

Run (Acoustic) – link

Medicine – link

Youth – link

Landfill – link



This band is insane. Lyrically stable, but with vocals that are like toffee for your ears. They’re about to release an album, which I will be buying asap. After you have a listen, you will be too. 

Pompeii – link

Pompeii Acoustic – link

What Would You Do (City High cover) – link

Flaws – link


Gabrielle Aplin

Beautiful vocals, haunting almost. Her lyrics are extremely relatable. You will find yourself singing these in the car or whilst doing laundry, and that my friends, is a Darby King promise.

Panic Cord – link

Home – link

Please Don’t Say You Love Me – link


So thats what I’ve been listening to lately. If you have any suggestions for music I might like, leave me a comment so I can check it out. I hope y’all have a great weekend! Much Love, Darby

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