Over Exercising.

I have the tendency to want to do something as soon as someone tells me not to. That is why, when my father told me to rest my pulled muscle I decided it was the perfect time for a mile run. Now I am no runner. I aim to be a runner one day, but I would settle for being a jogger. No, I am a walker. I enjoy taking short walks in Nature and not exhausting my asthmatic lungs. 

I don’t know if it was because I was listening to the right music, or the birds were just chirpin’ my name, but I ran a good 1/4 mile before almost collapsing in the middle of my street. I then decided it was a good time to start walking back, and I did just that panting all the way.

So now I am frustratingly icing my pulled muscle and hoping the weird noise my hip makes when I walk will go away soon. Are any of you like that? So stupidly stubborn that you cannot physically not do something when someone tells you not to? I can’t be the only one. Anywho, enjoy this lovely Sunday that I cannot enjoy. Much Love, Darby

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